Chart A
Chart A

Chart B
Chart B
k1, primaryk1, primary
k1, contrastk1, contrast
k2tog, primaryk2tog, primary
k2tog, primaryk2tog, contrast

Set Sail

by Aaron Schwartzbard

This is a hat I made as a gift for my brother. As of now, I've just knitted it once. So knit this at your own risk. I'd love to hear any feedback about errors, making the pattern more clear, or any other thoughts that could help refine this pattern for future knitters. Either PM me on Ravelry, or email me at aaron at vestigial dot org.

Yarn: Aran or heavy worsted weight (approx. 125 yards main color, 45 yards contrast color)
Gauge: 5 stitches per inch in stockinette
Needles: US 8 (or whatever gives you the correct gauge)

The Brim: CO 110 sts in the primary color, and join. *k3, p2* until you have finished slightly more than 3 inches.

The Main Body: Place a marker at the beginning of the round. Knit one increase round as follows: *k11, M1* (120 sts on needles). Knit four more rounds (stockinette) in the main color. Join in the contrast yarn to start knitting the first chart (Chart A).

Decreases: After finishing Chart A, knit one round in the main color. During the main color round, K2TOG once (doesn't matter where). At the end of the round, you will have 119 sts on the needles. Knit through the second chart (Chart B). Switch to DPNs when the work will no longer fit on circular needles. After finishing Chart B, you will have 68 sts on the needles. (You are done with the contrast color.) Next, knit the following decrease rounds in the main color (repeating the instructions between the asterisks through each round): Set Sail
  1. *k15, k2tog* (64 sts)
  2. *k6, k2tog* (56 sts)
  3. *k5, k2tog* (48 sts)
  4. *k4, k2tog* (40 sts)
  5. *k3, k2tog* (32 sts)
  6. *k2, k2tog* (24 sts)
  7. *k2tog* (12 sts)

Finishing: After completing the decreases, you should have 12 stitches on your needles. Break the yarn, pass the tail of the yarn through each of the stitches, then pass through each stitch one more time. Pull to the inside of the work, and pull tight. Weave in all ends, block the work, and enjoy!